If you at least occasionally read Hacker news, you might have stumbled upon a few free online courses Stanford university is offering. They are offering three classes: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Databases and Machine Learning.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

The course will be taught by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, the classes will begin on October 10th and will continue for 10 weeks. Here’s the video about the course:

Over 60,000 have already signed up, what are you waiting for? Check it out at www.ai-class.com

Introduction to Databases

If you program, you need to interact with Databases in some way constantly. In this course you’re going to learn about SQL databases, relational databases, XPath, OLAP, NoSQL and a bit more (description is on their website). The instructor is Professor Jennifer Widom.

Check the course out at http://db-class.org/

 Machine Learning

This is the course I’m looking forward to the most. Machine Learning can be used in A LOT of different places: from suggesting music and robots to search engines and data mining. The instructor is Professor Andrew Ng.

You can find this course at http://www.ml-class.org/

Oh, and did I mentioned that all three courses are by Stanford University professors and are absolutely free to everyone?

Personally I’ve signed up for all three. I don’t know if I will be able to attend all three, but I’ll do my best!

How about you? Did you register to any of these?