These are some of the things I’ve been working on during my spare time.

Chrome extensions

  • Break Helper reminds you to periodically take breaks. It follows some of the widely accepted techniques, such as 20-20-20 or Pomodoro.

Python packages

  • ReconBot is a notification bot for Eve Online. It watches for new in-game notifications via Eve’s ESI API and relays them to common chat platforms like Slack or Discord.
  • Latte is an automated time tracker for Linux machines, primarily intended for developers. It tracks where you spend your time most and allows for custom classification of activities for more fine-grained analysis of data. Discontinued

Android applications

To play around with Android I released some very basic Android applications, built using PhoneGap. All these apps are still available on the Play store, although they are not being developed.

  • Flashlight. A simple flashlight application, a must to create for every single developer. Useful in dark situations.
  • Marriage Proposal Ideas - If you need some ideas on how to propose to your loved one. My first published Android application. Discontinued
  • Wedding Cakes Ideas - If you need some ideas for a special cake for your special wedding. Created it to test the app market waters. Discontinued
  • Cupcake Decorating Ideas - If you’re bored of regular cupcakes and want to bake some fancy ones - here are some ideas for you. Another application to test the waters. Discontinued

  • Birthday Cake Ideas - Special birthday cakes for your special relatives, kids or friends. Just continuing the trend of making “idea” apps. Discontinued


  • My blog. I try to blog as I discover things that interest me. It’s mostly about programming, tools and similar stuff.